Catharina Bridge

The Aalmarkt area in the historical city centre of Leiden is undergoing a metamorphosis. The new Catharinabridge, a 6-meter-wide pedestrian bridge in line with the new Catharina Alley, creates a new circular shopping route. The very slender and fluent appearance of the bridge deck makes the bridge extraordinary. Seen from above the bridge is shaped like an S and the deck is double curved in order to connect well to the street pattern and optimize the smooth traffic flow both on land and on water.


Owner: Gemeente Leiden
Architect: DP6 architectuurstudio
Structural Engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek
Contractor: Gebr. Schouls



F.l.t.r.: Leen Van Belen & Gerard Tuin (Gebr. Schouls), Maikel Jagroep (Betonvereniging Nederland), Jan Versteegen (Pieters Bouwtechniek), Bruun Nissen (Hi-Con), Jimmy van der Aa (DP6 architectuurstudio), Michael Pauser (ECSN)