1. Name
      Name of the Network:
      European Concrete Societies Network (ECSN)
    1. Objective
      The object of the network is to encourage cooperation between the members and thereby promote the
      development of concrete technology and use of concrete in Europe.
      The network will not interfere with the work of individual societies and other international organisations.
      In practice the cooperation will also consist of mutually benificial collaboration on specific items of work
      by a minimum of three members, one which should act as a project leader. Every member is allowed to bring in proposals for projects.

    1. Members
      Membership is open to all Concrete Societies of Europe.
      A member that wishes to leave the network shall give written notice of this 18 months before leaving.
      It may only leave at the end of a calender year.

    1. Board
      The Board of the Network consists of representants of the members.
      Each member has one vote. In case of two or more societies from one country, they have together one vote.
      Meetings of the Board will take place normally not more than once a year.”The board:

      • Guides the work of the Network
      • Elects the chairman
      • Determines the secretariat
      • Decides upon new members
      • Decides upon the budget of the Network including member fees

      Decisions on the topics above are taken by majority-vote. To take decisions at least 50% of the members of
      the Board must be present or represented by written proxy to another member.

    1. Chairman
      The chairman will be elected for a period of two years, re-election for a second period is possible.
      He chairs the meetings of the Board and represents the Network to the public.

    1. Secretariat
      The secretariat, one society determined by the Board, will act as co-ordinator for the Network Board activities.
      It shall remain in duty for a period of 4 years.

    1. Member fees
      The expenses of the secretariat will be covered by member fees.

  1. Change of the Operation procedures
    A change of these procedures or the liquidation of the network can only made by a two-third vote of all members.