1. European Award for Excellence in Concrete
    Every two years the ECSN will now be organising the European Award for Excellence in Concrete.
    This Award is financed from the ECSN.
  2. Mission
    To recognise excellence in the use of concrete in new structures, the ECSN will award Certificates of Excellence in concrete.
  3. Projects eligible for entry in the competition
    Complete or parts of buildings and civil engineering projects that are designed constructed
    and built in ESCN member countries. In these structures, concrete should have been used and be
    clearly visible, and show good and innovative use of concrete.
  4. Criteria
    Most important criteria are the uses of concrete in outstanding, aesthetic and excellent ways.
    Amongst others, all structures will be judged against the following criteria

    • Design
    • Construction
    • Visual appearance and harmony of the structure with its surroundings
    • Properties of concrete exploited in the design
    • Innovative use of concrete in composition, structure or form
    • Workmanship and finish
  5. Categories
    There are two categories:

    • Building
    • Civil Engineering

    The judging panel will select one winner in each category. Each member of the ECSN may nominate entries for both or one category as it chooses

  6. Nominations
    Each member country of the ECSN is asked by the board of the ECSN to nominate a structure completed during
    the previous two years. Nomination is only possible by way of a member of the ECSN. No individual companies
    or organisations can submit an entry.
  7. The awards
    The Awards will consist of ‘Certificates of Excellence’ to be given in respect of those structures
    selected by the judging panel, to each of the principal parties responsible for the structure,
    e.g. Client, Architect, Engineer and Contractor, and to producers and suppliers of materials which have
    made a significant contribution of the success of the structure.
  8. Procedure
    The ECSN Secretary will send an invitation by way of emails to the ECSN partner countries.
    The ECSN partner countries decide which project(s) will be selected from their country.
    Entries should include the following:

    • Information must be send via online form.
    • Details of the structure and location, the name of the owner and the date of completion
      (in a structural sense). Details of companies involved in the project should also be given.
      Company names and contact details must be current and correct as these will be used for promotion
      and if appropriate in the preparation of an award certificate.
    • An entry fee of Euro 250 for each project (non refundable).
    • All available information including drawings, documentation, photos detailed description etc.
      that can be used to enable the judging panel to make clear judgement.
    • At least two copies of 6 unmounted photographs of the structure under construction and when completed.
    • Written approval of the Award submission from the project owner
  9. Property, rights
    The ECSN reserves the right, without the payment of fees or royalties, to make whatever use it may
    consider desirable of all material submitted in connection with the entries, including the publication
    of photographs and names, and to select from the entries at its own discretion material for exhibition
    or publication, irrespective of the results of the award.
  10. Judging panel
    The board of the ECSN will appoint a panel of five judges. Experts and specialists will be invited from the fields of:

    • Architecture
    • Design
    • Construction
    • Suppliers

    The judges will make their decisions based on the information submitted by the nominating country.
    Should it be required, the judges may request additional information to assist them with their decisions.
    It is not initially intended that the judges should meet together and a suitable voting form will be devised
    for their use. The judges will be able to discuss any items via the Internet. Judges will have the right to
    reject any entry, which does not comply with the above mentioned criteria.
    The decision of the Judges shall be binding. The discretion of the Judges to make or withhold an award or
    awards is absolute. The Judges will enter into no discussion or correspondence relating to any decisions.
    The Judges may decide not to issue an award(s) should entries be below the required standard.

  11. Closing dates for entries
    Closing date for receipt of entries to the current Award will be 31 May 2018
  12. Announcement of results
    Entrants will be notified as soon as the judging panel has reached a decision on the Certificates of
    Excellence Awards. Public announcement of the awards, will be the 01 November 2018 and will be subject
    of media presentation in all ECSN Countries as well as publication in ECSN Review.
  13. Presentation
    The Awards will be presented every two years with the actual presentations of the awards being made in
    a different ECSN Member Country in each succeeding two-year period.
  14. Publicity
    Each member of the ECSN will be asked to provide publicity for the Awards within their country.