Seitenhafen bridge – Austria


Due to the new construction of „B14 – Freudenauer Hafenstraße, a new construction of Danube crossing became necessary. The total length of the bridge is 130 m, the width 15 m. The three-span structure is divided into single spans of 32 m, 65 m and 32 m and was completed for two traffic lanes. The piers were designed with foot intersections out of cast steel – each bundles two coalescing strut pairs – on both sides of the Danube’s bank slops.

The load bearing structure was planned as a prestressed reinforced concrete construction. The bridge cross-section dissipates from a slab section in the peripheral areas to a sculpturally shaped slab-and-beam section with eight partitions in the middle of the span. The bridge was designed without bearings and dilatations and build on-site from both sides as an integral structure with flexible abutments sloping to the dam body – a remarkable construction.

Owner: Council Department 29 Bridge Engineering, Vienna
Architect: AGU & Zeininger Architekten, Vienna
Structural Engineer: PCD ZT GmbH, Vienna
Contractor: STRABAG AG, Vienna