Selvika roadside stop and ramp – Norway


The Selvika roadside stop is part of the National Tourist Route located in the extreme north of Norway, in a landscape almost lunar in its barren and inhospitable beauty.

The roadside stop invites the visitor to a slow walkin the beautiful, open and rough landscape. The meandering walkway from the road towards the beach provides the framework to experience the nature and location from different viewpoints.The walk ends at a focal point andgathering place with fireplace, outdoor kitchen and benches.

The design is intended to enhance the experience of moving from the road to the beach and water at this particular place. The primary functional focus was access for disabled persons. As opposed to proposing a solution consisting of both stairs and a ramp, the ramp is made as ajoint walkway of a holistic project character. The sculptural structure is based on a study of the organic forms of seashells.

The location is characterized by a harsh climate where the sea hammers against the land for large parts of the year. Concrete is chosen as primary construction material for its plasticity in design, as well as its solidity andability to weather well over time. The entire project is a continuous structure of in-situ concrete with vertical timber formwork. Supplementary materials include prefabricated elements of wood, steel and glass.

Before the construction work started, the constructioncrew was given a special course focusing on the execution of in-situ concrete, including:

  • the composition and desired mix of concrete
  • reinforcement and consequences of mistakes
  • approach to formwork
  • casting and finishing of concrete
  • cold weather concreting
  • casting in-situ joints
  • casting of trial panels



Owner: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Oslo

Architect: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, Oslo

Structural Engineer: Dr. techn. Kristoffer Apeland AS, Oslo

Contractor: T. Johansen Drift AS, Alta